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Concerning current & future challenges

Voting for Challenge #57 and winners from Challenge #56 will be posted tonight. I'm sorry for the delay. It's been crazy in the US of A with taxes and shootings and family issues. Another problem is, I've been wanting to think of ways to make the challenges more interesting, or more varied. It sometimes seems like we just do the same thing every challenge, just with different pictures.

So, to all the members of this community, I would like for you to leave suggestions for special themes, new challenges, just any ideas you have for what we could do with the future challenges in this community. Even if all you say is you'd like to have a challenge with Big Cats now and then, or a specific theme challenge or something like that. Maybe just post a link to places that have cat photos you'd like to see used here. All suggestions and feedback is welcome and appreciated. :D

Winners and voting will be posted tonight, and Monday I'll have the new challenge posted.
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